PTDS with a Little Humor

I called Yedidya at 4:30 this morning because I knew he was guarding. He answers the phone.

Yedidya: (speaking in a whisper)  “I can’t really talk right now. I am in the middle of shooting.”

I hear chickens in the background.

Me: “What are you shooting, chickens?”

Yedidya: “No, people.”

I quickly hang up. The chicken koops are outside the fence. He’s had problems with thefts around the chicken koops when he’s been on gaurd duty, but he has never shot anyone before.

Me: “Hey, Ron. Do you know Yedidya is shooting people by the chicken koops right now?”

Ron: “Yeah, he’s shooting a film with Roi.”

OH! Could someone give me a break! With the resent security situation, kassams, us bombing back, tunnels (to everyone’s surprise, there are still lots of tunnels.), Palestinians breaching the Gaza security fence ( it only took 19 hours to find him, 15 kilometers into Israel. Now that was really comforting), I’m supposed to figure out he’s shooting a film and not people!




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